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NUI Galway

Hardy (Dartfield)


Name Description
Hardy (Dartfield) Joseph Hardy was a farmer who rented large amounts of land from Lord Dunsandle. This included over 200 acres at Magheramore, in the parish of Killimorbologue in the barony of Longford, county Galway. This property also included a corn-mill. In 1856 Hardy was leasing houses and 360 acres from Thomas Blackstock in the townlands of Attikee and Kill in the parish of Kiltormer, also in the barony of Longford. In the 1880s he took over the Dartfield estate previously owned by the Blakes. He wa involved in a prolonged dispute with the herds who worked on the estate over employment rights.
Blackstock In 1856 Thomas Blackstock was leasing properties in various parishes in the barony of Longford, county Galway. He in turn was the lessor of houses and over 360 acres in the parish of Kiltormer to Joseph Hardy. In 1858 Thomas Blackstock bought just over 400 acres at Aughrim, straddling the three baronies of Kilconnell, Clonmacnowen and Leitrim for £1,805 from William Phibbs Knott and his wife Ruth, orginally part of the Handy estate. This property was inherited by Mary Elizabeth Johnston, daughter of Thomas Blackstock. O'Gorman notes that Blackstock also acted as agent for John Pelly Geoghegan's estates in the parish of Fohenagh.