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Famous tea family.


Name Description
Browne (Rosleague) A note on the sale rental dated 1862 of Edmund O'Flaherty's estate in the barony of Ballynahinch, county Galway, records the purchase of 220 acres in Cloonederowen and Roscrea, parish of Ballynakill, by Edward Browne. By the 1870s the Browne family owned Rosleague and 1507 acres in the Ballynakill locality, county Galway. Gillman Browne was married to Charlotte Twining from nearby Cleggan House and their descendants owned Rosleague until the mid 20th century.
Twining Frederick Twining, a member of the famous tea family, came to live in Ireland in the late 1850s. On 14 Aug 1852 the Commissioners of the Encumbered Estates' Court conveyed to him 889 acres at Cleggan, part of the estate of the Martins of Ballynahinch. He built a house there and developed a farm, supported by his private income. His estate was divided among his daughters following his death in 1902 and Cleggan is now in the possession of his descendants, the Musgraves.