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Simpson (Cloonnagashel)


James Simpson, sometimes spelt Simson, was a Scotsman and an innovative farmer.


Name Description
Fair (Levally) In the early 19th century a branch of the Fair family held the lands of Levally and Cappagory situated just outside Ballinrobe, in the barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo, from the Ruttledges of Bloomfield. By the time of Griffith's Valuation Levally was part of the farm leased by James Simpson from the Earl of Lucan. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of Robert Fair held the townland of Cloonacauneen, parish of Oranmore, in the county of the town of Galway. He had acquired this land in 1843 from the Cullinanes. The townland remained in the possession of the Fair family until 1911 when it was vested in the Congested Districts Board by Robert and Maria Alicia Julia Fair. In the 1870s Frances Mary Fair owned a total of 478 acres in county Galway.
Simpson (Cloonnagashel) James Simpson, a Scottish farmer and innovator, held the farm of Cloonnagashel, about 2200 acres in the parish of Ballinrobe, county Mayo, from the 3rd Earl of Lucan, from 1855 until the early 1880s. There was a court case between them in the early 1880s over compensation for improvements made by Simpson. He also rented the farm at Kilrush, parish of Kilcommon, from the Lindseys and died there in 1898.