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Name Description
Rowley (Co Leitrim) The Rowley family inherited the Campbell estate at Mountcampbell through the marriage, in 1766, of Clotworthy Rowley to Letitia, daughter and co-heiress of Samuel Campbell of Mount Campbell. The Rowley family made careers for themselves in the Royal Navy and were mostly absentee landlords. McParlan records that in 1802 William Rowley was a non-resident proprietor in county Leitrim. In 1835 Mount Campbell was let to the inspector of police, Major Warburton. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography states, however, that Sir Josias Rowley died at his residence, Mount Campbell, in 1842, when the title became extinct. In the 1870s the Rowley estate amounted to over 2300 acres in county Leitrim. In 1906 William Rowley held over 200 acres of untenanted land and the mansion house at Mount Campbell. Members of the family were High Sheriffs of Leitrim in 1851 and again in 1899.
Campbell (Mountcampbell) The Campbell family held an estate at Mount Campbell outside Drumsna since the early eighteenth century. Lt. Col. Josias Campbell served as High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1720 and his son Samuel held the same office in 1756. In 1766 the Campbell estate passed to the Rowley family through marriage. The Campbells were also related to the Southwell and Russell families, Barons de Clifford.