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Johnston (Kinlough)


Name Description
Johnston (Kinlough) The Johnston family from Fermanagh purhased this land in Leitrim in the early 18th century. In 1802 McParlan recorded Counsellor Johnston of Oakfield on his list of "resident gentlemen of property". In the mid 19th century St George Robert Johnston, third son of Robert Johnston of Kinlough House, owned a townland in each of the parishes of Killoscobe and Moylough, barony of Tiaquin, county Galway. Ballaghnagrosheen, in the parish of Killoscobe was bought from the sale of the estate of George Ruttledge in 1851. In 1861 Stephen Johnston offered for sale the house and demesne at Mount Prospect, barony of Rosclogher, previously let to the Connolly estate. Weir and Elizabeth Johnston offered for sale almost 400 acres in the parish of Killasnet, barony of Rosclogher in January 1869. This appears to have been leased from the Earl of Leitrim's estate through the Armstrong and Cullen estates. In the 1870s William Johnston of Kinlough owned 10,633 acres in county Leitrim while his brother St George Johnston, who lived at Rathcline House, Lanesborough, county Longford, owned 1,139 acres in county Galway and 217 acres in county Leitrim. In 2007 Rathcline House was still extant but for sale. An offer from the Congested Districts Board on over 250 acres of Forbes Johnston's estate was accepted in 1913.
Ruttledge (Togher) James Ruttledge of Tawnaghmore, parish of Kilbelfad, barony of Tirawley, county Mayo, had a son, David, who succeeded to some of the Ruttledge estates under the will (1766) of his uncle, Peter Ruttledge of Cornfield. David died in 1825 and his son George took possession of the estates, which were mainly in the parish of Robeen, barony of Kilmaine. George was married to Eleanor Anne Bournes of Castleconnor, county Sligo. He sold his estates in the counties of Mayo and Galway amounting to 4529 and 1248 acres respectively in 1851. Robert Fair and John Hood were among the purchasers in the parish of Robeen, county Mayo and St George Johnston, the Blakes of Menlo and the Brownes of Carrownacregg of parts of the county Galway estate. At the time of Griffith's Valuation George Ruttledge held the townland of Ballywalter in the parish of Robeen.
Connolly The Connolly family leased lands from the Johnston estate in Kinlough and there is some suggestion that they acted in the capacity of agents for them. In 1861 the house and demesne at Mount Prospect as well as other lands were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court by Stephen Johnston. For more information on the Connolly estate see
Johnston (Aran View) In the 1850s Robert Johnstone held 157 acres of Ballyinsheen Beg, parish of Kilmoon, barony of Burren, county Clare, from Robert Fitzstephens Creagh and most of the townland of Fanore (over a thousand acres) in the parish of Killonaghan, from Jemima O’Brien. Robert Johnston of Aran View (Glasha Beg), parish of Killilagh, barony of Burren, had a son Robert also of Aran View, who owned 1,431 acres in county Clare in the 1870s. Weir writes that these Johnstons were connected to the Johnstons of Kinlough, county Leitrim and that the last male member of the family married a Miss O’Flaherty of the Aran Islands and went to live there. James Johnston lived at Kilmurvey on the Aran Islands in the 1950s when he was photographed by George Pickow, see