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O'Beirne (Drumsna)


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O'Beirne (Drumsna) The O'Beirne estate was centred on Drumsna where they had a house at Jamestown. McParlan includes Mr. O'Beirne, Jamestown, on a list of "resident gentleman of property" in 1802.Francis O'Beirne and Hugh O'Beirne of Jamestown served as High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1831 and 1855. The O'Beirnes also held land in the parishes of Cloone and Fenagh, barony of Mohill and the parish of Oughteragh, barony of Carrigallen. The family also held extensive estates in the baronies of Ballintober North, county Roscommon and barony of Corran, county Sligo. 2000 acres of these were offered for sale in the Landed Estates court in June 1861. By the mid 19th century the surname of this family is found spelt in a number of different ways such as O'Beirne, Burns and Byrne. The Byrne family of Tinny Park, barony of Ballymoe appears to be the same family as the O'Beirnes of Jamestown. In 1906 Hugh O'Beirne still held 169 acres of untenanted demesne land at Jamestown. For further information about the O'Beirne family see ''The O'Beirne Family Journal'' and'Beirne/Landowners.htm
Walsh (Mohill) John Walsh was leasing property from Rev. Augustus Crofton in Mohill parish in the 1850s. He is also recorded as the lessor of a house valued at £12 in Clooncahir townland which was vacant at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The Walsh family "of Drumsna" are recorded as agents to the Boyle estate of Oliver Begg, of Mount Dalton, county Meath at the time of the first Ordnance Survey. In 1837 Hugh Walsh of Drumsna served as High Sheriff of Leitrim. In 1854 and again in 1861 the estate of Gerard Francis Walsh, a minor, was offered for sale in the Landed Estates' Court. It included a house in Drumsna as well as lands in the baronies of Ballintober and Boyle, county Roscommon, the barony of Tullyhunco, county Cavan and other parts of county Leitrim. The petitioners included members of the O'Beirne family. Belmont mansion and demesne, part of the town parks of Drumsna, with a fee farm rent on some land in the parish of Kilmore, barony of Ballintober North, county Roscommon, the estate of Gerald Francis Walsh, were advertised for sale in June 1883. Gerald F. Walsh owned 257 acres in county Roscommon and 95 acres in county Leitrim in the 1870s.
Hanly/Hanley A family who lost most of their lands in the barony of Ballintober, county Roscommon, in the mid 17th century. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Roderick J. Hanley held land at Ballycummin in the parish of Kilmore, barony of Ballintober North, county Roscommon. In the mid 19th century Ballycummin was a townland of 124 acres leased from the Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry by the Murray family, who advertised the sale of their interest in June 1872 and April 1873. In 1837 Lewis recorded that Ballycommeen was formerly the seat of the Earl of Roscommon 'now occupied by Lieut Rodrick J. Hanly'. Lewis also records three residences of Hanly family members in the parish of Kilglass - Lava of W. Hanly, Cottage of M. Hanly and Doneen of G. Hanly. In February 1851 and December 1852 George Malby Hanly's interest in the lands of Lavagh and others in the parish of Kilglass were advertised for sale. Roderick John Hanly was one of the trustees for the sale of the 171 acres of Clooncoose in the parish of Kilmore the estate of Anne Conry and Robert James Conry in November 1861. This was purchased by Mr. Scallan. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Mathew Hanly was leasing land from the Reverend Henry King in the parish of Kilmore and John Hanly held the townland of Carrowskeheen. ''The Landowners of Ireland'' record Mathew Hanly of Dangan as owning 345 acres in county Roscommon. He may have bought some of the O'Beirne estate in the parish of Kilglass, offered for sale in 1861, as he was advertising the sale of parts of Aghamannan and Crunkill, parish of Kilglass and the lands of Kilcock, parish of Kilmore, previously Waldron property, in the late 1870s. In January 1872 Mathew Hanly, surviving trustee of the will of Bridget Hanly, advertised the sale of Carrowskeheen, amounting to over 200 acres. It was sold to Digby West. Other lands owned by Matthew Hanley were offered for sale in the Land Judges Court in December 1880 but the sale was adjourned due to lack of bidding. By 1890 Matthew Hanley's widow, Anne, was offering over 90 acres for sale in the Land Judges' Court. The petitioners were Messers. Kiernan and McDermott and these were the purchasers.
O'Beirne (Dangan) The families of Hugh O'Beirne and Patrick O'Beirne were both descended from Teige O'Beirne resident in the Drumsna area in the early 18th century. These two branches of the O'Beirne family were living at Jamestown and Dangan (the original O'Beirne stronghold) in the early 19th century. Patrick O'Beirne was a son of Colonel Andrew O'Beirne, Chief of the O'Beirne clan in the late 18th century. Andrew lost most of his property after the 1798 rebellion and four of his sons emigrated from Ireland. Patrick remained at Dangan and O'Beirnes continued to live there until at least the late 1830s.