Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Smith (Newfield)


A family from county Meath, their principal residence was at Beabeg, near Drogheda.


Name Description
McLoughlin The McLoughlins held extensive lands in the parishes of Achill and Burrishoole, barony of Burrishoole, county Mayo, on perpetual leases from Thomas John Medlycott, the Earls of Altamont/Marquesses of Sligo and the O'Donels of Newport in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their estate of 12,733 acres with a rental of £1,478 was one of the first sold in the Encumbered Estates' Court in 1850. Part of it was bought by William McCormack of the Irish Beetroot and Sugar Manufacturing Company and the Newfield estate was bought by Henry J. Smith. Property in and around Newport was sold in the Landed Estates Court in May 1866. It was purchaed in trust by Robert Neilson.
Smith Henry Jeremiah Smith of Beabeg, county Meath, appears to have bought most of the McLoughlin estate at Newfield. In 1861 he was advertising for sale in the Landed Estates' Court his Newfield estate of 8,277 acres. By 1876 most of this property belonged to the Gibbings family.
Gibbings (Co Mayo) In the 1870s the Reverend Richard Gibbings, Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Trinity College, Dublin, owned an estate of over 4000 acres in the parish of Burrishoole, barony of Burrishoole, county Mayo, previously the Newfield estate of Henry J. Smith. Untenanted lands in a number of townlands were still in the family's possession in 1906 but no mansion house is recorded for Newfield. The estate of 4,069 acres was vested in the Congested Districts' Board on 25 Mar 1915. Professor Gibbings was a cousin of Bartholomew Gibbings of Gibbings Grove, county Cork.