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Hewitson & Eden


Name Description
Whitney In 1857 Thomas Whitney owned several townlands in the parish of Kilmactranny, county Sligo. His main residence was at Merton, Enniscorthy, county Wexford. Two of his daughters, Amelia Sarah Hewitson and Alice Julia Eden, held over 3000 acres in county Sligo in 1876. Benjamin Whitney, a cousin of Thomas Whitney, owned 563 acres in county Roscommon and 272 acres in county Armagh in the 1870s. He was the Clerk of the Peace and Registrar of Titles for county Mayo and legal adviser to the Earls of Lucan. He was knighted and his legal firm still operates in Dublin as Whitney, Moore and Keller. Over 600 acres of land in county Roscommon, the property of Daniel Henry, was sold in the Landed Estates court in 1862. Mr. McNevin, of the firm McNevin & Whitney, had carriage of the sale and purchased much of the land in trust. Thomas Whitney was the owner of over 270 acres in county Waterford in the 1870s.
Hewitson [Hewetson] & Eden Amelia Sarah Hewitson or Hewetson, with an address at Merton, Enniscorthy, county Wexford, owned over 1500 acres in county Sligo in 1876. Merton was a property formerly owned by Thomas Whitney. Hussey de Burgh states that Mrs. Hewitson and Mrs Alice Eden, who also resided in Wexford, were sisters. Burke shows that they were Thomas Whitney's daughters. They owned over 3000 acres in county Sligo as well as substantial lands in Cavan, Meath and Wexford. In 1906 H.A. Hewitson owned over 500 acres of untenanted land in the barony of Tirerrill.