Landed Estates
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Name Description
Clibborn This family descend from a Cromwellian Army officer who settled at Moate, county Westmeath. Most of the Clibborn estates were in counties Offaly and Westmeath. A descendant, James Clibborn, married Experience Barclay and in the mid 19th century a Barclay Clibborn held land and a large flour mill at Twomilebridge, near Clonmel, county Tipperary. The Ordnance Survey Name Books for Kilgrant Parish record his proferring of the name "Anner Mill Flour Factory" for the milling enterprise. One of the buildings, labelled "Anner Mills" on the 1st Edition Ordnance Survey Map is labelled "Anner House" on the later 25-inch edition of the 1890s.