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Coghlan (Waterford)


Name Description
Coghlan/Coglane (Waterford) W.C. Coghlan of Dromina owned almost 400 acres in county Waterford in the 1870s while J.D. Coghlan of Kilcop owned almost 300 acres. John Coghlan was one of the principal lessors in the parishes of Crooke and Kilcop, barony of Gaultiere, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Sadleir, referring to 1775, notes a "John Coghlan of Carricklea, a grand-nephew to old Richard Keily" and also Captain Henry Coghlan "of Ardoe, married to a Widow Lindsay....nephew of the late Rev.Henry Coghlan" who was High Sheriff of Waterford in 1776.