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Price (Ardmayle)


Name Description
Price (Ardmayle) In the mid 19th century William Price held land in the parishes of Ballysheehan, Brickendown, Kilconnell and Magorban, barony of Middlethird, county Tipperary. Richard Price also held land in Magorban parish and in the parish of Holycross, barony of Eliogarty. Richard & Charity Price of Ardmayle, Cashel, Tipperary. On Oct 11, 1853, at Ardmayle Church, Richard Price (1795-1862), of Ardmayle House was the son of Thomas Price of Ardmayle who married Charity Elizabeth Long, eldest daughter of Edward Thomas Long of Fort Edward & Longfield, Cashel, county Tipperary, by his wife, Mary Crozier Clarke. Thomas E. Price, son of Richard and Charity Price of Ardmayle & Mayfield, Cashel, married Barbara Murphy, daughter of Edmond W. Murphy, of Woodford House, Holy Cross, county Tipperary in 1875. In the 1880s, Thomas and his family are reputed to have emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the 1870s the representatives of Richard Price of Ardmayle, Cashel, owned 1,253 acres and Thomas Price of Coleraine, Cashel owned 658 acres in county Tipperary. The Wallis sale of the lands of Kilshenane, barony of Clanwilliam in May 1868, show that they were held on a fee farm grant dated 1712 from Joseph Damer of Dublin to Richard Price of Ardmayle. Kilshenane was purchased by John Wallis in the Encumbered Estates Court and conveyed to him on 6 March 1852. see
Murphy (Ballinamona) William Murphy was a son of Edmond Murphy of Ballinamona, Cashel, county Tipperary, and his wife Margaret Scully of Kilfeakle. He married Ellen, second daughter of Jeremiah Shine of Coolyhenan, county Limerick and was succeeded by his son, Lieutenant Colonel Edmond William Murphy, in 1890. William Murphy held land in the parishes of Hore Abbey, barony of Middlethird and Clogher, barony of Kilmanagh Lower, county Tipperary, in the mid 19th century. Over 280 acres of the Murphy estate in the baronies of Middlethird and Eliogarty was sold in the Encumbered Estates Court in March 157. It was purchased in trust by Mr. Fitzgerald. In the 1870s William Murphy of Ballinamona, Cashel, owned 856 acres in the county while Edmond W. Murphy of Woodford owned 298 acres. This family appear to be closely related to the Murphys of Ballymore.