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Lane (Co Cork)


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Lane (Co Cork) The estate of William Lane executor and devisee of Samuel Lane, deceased, in the city of Cork and baronies of Cork and Kerricurrihy, county Cork and in the city of Waterford was advertised for sale in May 1855. In the 1870s various members of the Lane family owned properties of less than 500 acres in the vicinity of Cork city, including William Lane of Vernon Mount who owned 264 acres, Thomas R. Lane of Newenham Terrace who owned 459 acres and James Lane of South Mall who owned 469 acres in county Cork and 226 acres in county Limerick. This family were possibly connected to Sir George Lane, Viscount Lanesborough, who was granted lands in the counties Dublin, Meath, Kilkenny, Longford, Waterford and in the barony of Kerricurrihy, county Cork in 1666.
Lane (Lanespark) In 1666 William Lane was granted the lands of Killens [Lanespark], Derrigear and Cattiganstowne in the barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary. John Hamilton Lane of Lanespark, county Tipperary, married Jane Hunt and died in 1807 leaving nine children. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of John Lane held at least 3 townlands in the parish of Killenaule, barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary. The Lanespark estate, amounting to 2,859 acres was advertised for sale in June 1858. The petitioners were Thomas and John Eyre, continued in the names of the trustees of the Irish Land Company. The 849 acres of Killeens was reoffered for sale in November 1859.