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Goold (Old Court) The Golds/Goolds were an old family associated with the city of Cork. George Goold was established at Old Court near the city in the mid 18th century. He married Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of James Galway. Their second son, Francis Goold, was created a baronet in 1801 and was succeeded by his nephew George as 2nd Baronet in 1818. In 1802 George married Lady Charlotte Browne, daughter of the Earl of Kenmare. The Goold estate was first advertised for sale in November 1851. It was comprised of over 2,100 acres in county Cork, 2,300 acres in county Tipperary and 277 acres in county Limerick and included the head rent of a number of mansion houses in the Mallow locality of county Cork. The sale rental includes details relating to the bidding and to the purchasers. Murdock Green and Robert Potter purchased portions of the Cork estate while lands in Tipperary were purchased by John Adair. . At the time of Griffith's Valuation the county Tipperary estate was in the parishes of Loughmoe East and West, barony of Eliogarty and Clonbullogue, barony of Clanwilliam. In June 1874, over 650 acres owned by Sir Henry Valentine Goold in the barony of East Carbery, county Cork, were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court. The purchaser was Thomas Beamish. Henry M. Goold held land at Gooldshill, parish of Mallow in the 1850s. Henry Michael Goold was a nephew of the first baronet. The estate of Henry Michael Francis Goold amounting to 7,686 acres in the baronies of Eliogarty (parishes of Loughmoe East and West), Ikerrin and Clanwilliam, county Tipperary and 826 acres in the baronies of Fermoy and Duhallow, including Goold's Hill were advertised for sale in August 1852. Members of the Goold family had connections with other county Cork localities and with the city of Limerick. George Goold of Aughrim owned 183 acres and Theobald Goold of Cork city owned 138 acres in the 1870s. In November 1877 the 155 acre estate of George Goold at Aughrim, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, was advertised for sale. It was held on a renewal lease from St John Galway to George Goold dated 3 July 1847.
Glasgow Alexander Glasgow was a merchant from Lanarkshire in Scotland, who bought the Oldcourt estate, county Cork, from the Goolds in 1852. Griffith's Valuation records Alexander Glasgow holding land in the parish of Carrigaline, barony and county of Cork. In 1826 Alexander Glasgow married Ellen Smith and they had three children, John, William and Jessy who married Edward Eyre Newenham of Maryborough in 1853. In the 1870s William James Glasgow owned 1,599 acres in county Cork. Mary Lyons records the purchase by Alexander Glasgow of Kilmanahan Castle, county Waterford, in 1852 for £9,400 but shortly afterwards he sold the property on to the Earl of Donoughmore.