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Hollow Sword Blades Company


Name Description
Hollow Sword Blades Company The Hollow Sword Blades Company was set up in England in 1691 to make sword blades. In 1703 the company purchased some of the Irish estates forfeited under the Williamite settlement in counties Mayo, Sligo, Galway, and Roscommon. They also bought the forfeited estates of the Earl of Clancarty in counties Cork and Kerry and of Sir Patrick Trant in counties Kerry, Limerick, Kildare, Dublin, King and Queen's counties (Offaly and Laois). Further lands in counties Limerick, Tipperary, Cork and other counties, formerly the estate of James II were also purchased, also part of the estate of Lord Cahir in county Tipperary. In June 1703 the company bought a large estate in county Cork, confiscated from a number of attainted persons and other lands in counties Waterford and Clare. However within about 10 years the company had sold most of its Irish estates. Francis Edwards, a London merchant, was one of the main purchasers.
Jefferyes Major James St. John Jefferyes/Jeffreys (1734-1796) was the son of James Jefferyes and Louisa Colman. He married twice. By his second wife Arabella, daughter of John FitzGibbon, he had an only son George Charles Jeffereys. George C. Jefferyes married Anne La Touche and left an only son, St John George Jefferyes, who married Harriet Taylor. They had a son also named St John G. Jefferyes and a daughter Louisa who married in 1846 Sir George C. Colthurst, 5th Baronet. The Colthursts succeeded to the Jefferyes estate. The Jefferyes estate was mainly located in the parish of Garrycloyne, but also in the parishes of Carrigrohanebeg and Matehy, barony of East Muskerry and Currykippane, barony of Cork, county Cork.