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Hennessy (Ballindeasig)


Name Description
Hennessy (Ballindeasig) In the mid 19th century John C. Hennessy of Knocknaneffe House, county Cork married Mary Creagh daughter of Richard Roche Kenifeck of Ballindeasig, county Cork. In the 1870s John Hennessy, of Ballindeesig House, owned over 1400 acres in county Cork. John died in 1891 and his son Michael inherited the property. When Michael died it passed to his sister Kathleen who was married to Herbert Baldwin O'Sullivan Beare. see
Kenifick/Kenefick Anthony McCan traces the history of this merchant family of Cork from Edmond Kenifick of the mid 18th century to Richard Kenifick of the late 19th century. In 1808 Edmond Kenifick bought Ballindeasig house and estate, parish of Ballyfoyle, barony of Kinalea from Patrick Lambert, a clothier, of Dublin. He was also leasing the neighbouring townland of Reagrove. Edmond died in 1811 and was succeeded in 1814 by his nephew Richard Roche Kenifick who was living at Ballindeasig by the 1820s. In 1815 Richard married Alicia Moylan and their daughter Mary Creagh married in 1850 John Chrysostom Hennessy of Knockaniffe House, Ballyfeard. Mary's brother Richard conveyed Ballindeasig to his brother in law John C. Hennessy in February 1853. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Richard Kenefick held land in the parishes of Ballyfoyle, barony of Kinalea and Rathcormack, barony of Barrymore. In the 1870s Richard Kenefic of Ballindeasig owned 286 acres in county Cork.
O'Sullivan Beare In the mid 1870s Herbert Baldwin O'Sullivan is recorded as the owner of 2,410 acres in county Cork. The return of landowners of one acre (1876) gives his address as Carrigphooka, Macroom while Hussey de Burgh records it as Clohina House, Macroom. He was married to Kathleen Mary Hennessy of Ballindeasig and in 1913 this couple inherited the Hennessy property. An advertisement in the Irish Times in August 1889 indicates that he would be offering over 2300 acres of his estate in the barony of West Muskerry for sale in the Land Judges' Court in November of that year. The petitioner to the sale included the RC Bishop, William Delaney.