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Pomeroy (Duhallow)


Name Description
Pomeroy (Duhallow) On 11 February 1798 Robert Hedges Eyre leased the lands of Claraghmore, barony of Duhallow, county Cork, to Richard Pomeroy for three lives renewable for ever. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Robert Pomeroy held land in the parish of Drishane, barony of Duhallow and occupied a house valued at £4.10 shillings, which he held from the Reverend Richard Davis. Claraghmore, comprised of 462 acres, was advertised for sale in June 1853. The Freeman's Journal reported that it was sold to Henry C. Justin for £1550. Nicholas Pomeroy of Claramore still owned 154 acres in county Cork in the 1870s and the representatives of Henry Pomeroy of Knockcahill owned 233 acres. A branch of the Pomeroy family was established at Pallas, parish of Roskeen, barony of Duhallow in the early 18th century, descended from Thomas Holmes Pomeroy. Samuel Pomroy was granted 520 acres at Palice, barony of Duhallow, in 1666.