Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Conyngham Of Scottish descent, Henry Conyngham, member of parliament for county Donegal, supported the Williamite cause. His son, also Henry, was elevated to the peerage as Baron Conyngham of Mount Charles, County Donegal in 1753, Viscount Conyngham in 1756 and Earl and Baron Conyngham in 1781. He was succeeded in the title Baron Conyngham by his nephew, Francis Pierpoint Burton of Buncraggy, county Clare, from whom descend the Marquesses of Conygham of Slane Castle, county Meath and the Burtons of Carrigaholt Castle, county Clare. Henry, 3rd Baron Conyngham, was created Marquess of Conyngham in 1816. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation the Marquess’s county Clare estate was mainly in the barony of Islands, parishes of Clondagad, Clareabbey, Killone, Kilmaley and Drumcliff, the barony of Bunratty Lower, where he held fourteen townlands in the parish of Killely and the barony of Moyarta, parishes of Kilmacduane and Kilfearagh. Other lands were held in the baronies of Bunratty Upper and Inchiquin. In November 1867 the sale of lands and premises at Kilkee, part of the Conyngham estate, were advertised for sale. The Conyngham estate in county Clare was comprised of 27,613 acres in the 1870s.The Marquess also held a further 122,300 acres in county Donegal and 7,060 acres in county Meath. In November 1880 over 10,600 acres of the Marquess's estate was advertised for sale in the Land Judges' Court.
Trenchard In the late 16th century William Trenchard from Wiltshire was granted land in county Limerick. William Hodges was steward for the Trenchards in the early 18th century. His descendants lived at Corgrigg Castle but the male line died out sometime in the early 18th century and the estate was inherited by the Long and Hippesly families who had intermarried with the Trenchards. In 1770 the estate amounting to almost 4,000 acres was divided between the two families. The Hippeslys sold their share to the Earl of Conyngham. In the early 1800s Thomas Rice of Kerry bought both divisions.