Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Kirkwood (Cottlestown & Clooncunny) The Kirkwood estate was centred on Cottlestown in the Barony of Tireragh, where they held extensive property interests from the late 18th up the mid 19th century. The estate was sold in 1860 to the Boyd family who held it until the early 20th century. John Boyd is recorded as owning 1444 acres in county Sligo in 1876. Church lands at Clooncunny in the parish of Achonry were also leased by the Kirkwood family and in turn rented, princially to the Rice family. Thomas Rice occupied the lands from the 1830s to at least the 1860s.
Kirkwood (Crosspatrick) In December 1852 some of William Kirkwood's property in and around the town of Killala was sold in the Encumbered Estates Court. The purchasers were Reverend Mr. Collins, Dean of Killala, Robert Kirkwood Jnr, and James Molloy. At the time of Griffith's Valuation William Rutledge Kirkwood was living at Crosspatrick, parish of Killala, barony of Tirawley, county Mayo, which he was leasing from the Boyd family. In 1876 he owned almost 2000 acres in county Mayo.
Rice Thomas Rice was leasing church lands from the Kirkwood estate in the parish of Achonry at the time of Griffith's Valuation.