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Croker (Ballynagarde)


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Croker (Quartertown) Major Henry Croker of Quarterstown, county Cork was the fifth son of John Croker of Ballynaguarde, county Limerick. In 1793, Henry married Harriet, daughter and heiress of Arthur Dillon of Quarterstown, county Cork and they had five sons. Over 3000 acres owned by John and Henry Dillon Croker, in the barony of Glanarought, county Kerry, the estate of Quartertown, Mallow, county Cork and houses in the city of Limerick, were offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court in January 1851. The Freeman's Journal gives details of the purchasers. Some of the Kerry property was occupied by the Orpen estate and it is clear that a legal dispute on the subject had occurred in the 1840s. Part of Quartertown Lower, including Wilton, was purchased by Kingsmill Brady in 1851 and was advertised for sale again in November 1876. In the 1870s John D. Croker owned 33 acres in the county. Richard Welstead Croker generally known as "Boss Croker" was a nephew of John D. Croker.
Croker (Ballynagarde) The Crokers settled in county Limerick in the 17th century and were resident at Ballynagarde early in the 18th century. Cussen writes that one of the Crokers was agent to the Croom estate of the Earls of Kildare in the early 18th century and obtained a lease for ever of the Croom property. In the 1730s Ballinagarde was added to the Crokers' land holding. In 1783 Edward Croker married Emilia Hare, daughter of the Earl of Listowel, and they had eight sons and two daughters. At the time of Griffith's Valuation their eldest son, John Croker, held land in the parishes of Cahercorney, barony of Smallcounty, Caheravally, Cahernarry, Fedamore and Rochestown, barony of Clanwilliam and the town of Croom, barony of Coshma. Henry Croker, probably John's younger brother, also held land in the parishes of Corcomohide, barony of Connello Upper and Croom, barony of Coshma. In the 1870s John Monck Croker owned 3,328 acres in county Limerick and Henry Croker of Dromkeen owned 724 acres. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Richard Croker held land in the parish of Shandrum, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, county Cork. On four occasions between November 1865 and January 1867 the 1,910 acre estate of Edward Hare Croker at Corroghclonbroe and Killabraher North and South, parish of Shandrum, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, was advertised for sale. About half of this county Cork estate was held in fee simple and the rest by fee farm grant from John Bowen to E.H. Croker dated 1856.
O'Grady/Grady (The Grange) The O'Gradys of The Grange, parish of Fedamore, county Limerick, were a branch of O'Gradys of Kilballyowen. They intermarried with the Morony and Croker families. Henry O'Grady held an estate in the parishes of Fedamore and Knockainy, barony of Smallcounty, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. He died in 1853 and was succeeded by his brother Thomas who was succeeded by his nephew Edward Croker (Ballynagarde family) in 1861. Edward Croker died unmarried in 1896 and his sister Lady Dyer and Caroline Croker inherited The Grange.
Croker (The Grange) Edward Croker, son of the Reverend Robert Croker of the Ballynagarde family and his wife Margaret O'Grady of The Grange, inherited this county Limerick estate following the death of his uncle Thomas O'Grady in 1861, which amounted to 2,121 acres in the 1870s. Edward Croker died unmarried in 1896 and was succeeded by his sisters Lady Dyer and Caroline Croker.
Dillon (Quarterstown) This family is associated with that of Dillon's Grove, county Roscommon. The Quarterstown estate was owned by them until the 1790s when Harriett, daughter and heiress of Arthur Dillon, married Henry Croker.