Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Conry (Cloonahee)


Name Description
Calvert At the time of Griffith's Valuation William Calvert held lands in the parish of Clooncraff, barony and county of Roscommon, parts of the estates of Gilbert Conry and James Dillon. Lands amounting to 172 acres in the parish of Kilgefin, barony of Ballintober South, county Roscommon, the estate of William Calvert, were advertised for sale in June 1866 on his own behalf and as trustee for sale for George and Joseph Walpole. The sale included larger acreages in county Tipperary and King's County (county Offaly). In the 1870s William Calvert of Monkstown, county Dublin, owned 1,180 acres in county Roscommon.
Hague/Heague At the time of Griffith's Valuation John Heague held the townland of Cloonahee, parish of Clooncraff, barony of Roscommon, in fee. He had previously leased Cloonahee from Gilbert Conry, lease dated 14 May 1836. The Conry estate was advertised for sale in February 1853. John Heague also held land in the parishes of Creeve and Kilcooley (from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and from the representatives of Henry French). The Heagues held valuable properties in the town of Strokestown in the mid 1850s. In 1876 John Hague of Cloonahee owned 123 acres in county Roscommon. Hussey de Burgh records him as the owner of 693 acres. Richard Hague was negotiating with the Congested Districts' Board in 1916.
Browne (Mount Browne) George Browne held 3 townlands in the parish of Kiltrustan, barony and county of Roscommon at the time of Griffith's Valuation which he purchased from the sale of Gilbert Conry's estate in 1853 and had a house at Falsk in the parish of Killukin. He was a brother of Arthur Browne of Newtown, parish of Oran and a descendant of John Browne 1st Earl of Altamont. Arthur Browne, third son of George, owned an estate of 455 acres at Mount Browne in the 1870s.
Conry (Cloonahee) Cloonahee, barony of Roscommon, was part of the ancient territory of the O Maolchonaires or Conrys, whose lands were confiscated in the 17th century. Gilbert Conry advertised the sale of Cloonglasny More, parish of Clooncraff, barony and county of Roscommon in January 1851. Cloongasny was part of the lands purchased by Bartholomew Mahon from the trustees for the sale of forfeited estates in 1703. These lands were held by John Kelly in fee at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Two years later in February 1853 an estate of 1,630 acres in the parishes of Clooncraff and Kiltrustan, barony of Roscommon, belonging to Gilbert Conry formerly of Cloonahee was advertised for sale. A note on the sale rental states that Clonahee House was accidently burnt and that "now a good farm house and offices" are occupied by the tenant. In 1836 Cloonahee was leased to John Haigue by Gilbert Conry. A Thomas Conry was agent to the Mahons of Strokestown and to the McCausland estate in county Roscommon in the 1830s. Lands owned by Thomas Lea and Gilbert Conry were sold in the Landed Estates Court in March 1861 to Mr. Trench.