Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Dodwell The Dodwell family were present in Sligo since the 17th century. . In 1800 Frances Dodwell of Carrowgarry married Alexander Crichton from which time that estate was in the possession of the Crichton family. Kevinsfort was the home of various other families at different times in the 19th century, including Capt. George Dodwell. He acted as agent to some of the large estates such as the Gore-Booths and the Ormsbys. Christopher L'Estrange, described as a land agent, was based at Kevinsfort in 1878. In the 1870s James Crofton Dodwell of Shankill House, near Bray, Co Dublin and of Glenmore, Coolaney, county Sligo, owned 1,573 acres in county Sligo and 334 acres in county Mayo. The Dodwell family also had property in County Galway and were married into many influential families in Connacht. Victoria Dodwell is recorded as one of the principal lessors of property in the parish of Boyle, county Roscommon, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In 1906 Malby Crofton Dodwell was the owner of over 1300 acres in at Carrownaskeagh, barony of Leyny, as well as buildings valued at £11. In 1912 M.C. Dodwell and others accepted an offer from the Congested Districts Board on almost 200 acres of their Galway estate. At the same time an offer was accepted from the Board on over 1400 acres of the Sligo estate.
Crichton Sir Alexander Crichton of Seal Grove, Kent married Frances Dodwell in 1800. She was the heiress of Edward Dodwell of Carrowgarry and that estate passed to the Crichton family. Sir Alexander Crichton was one of the principal lessors in the parishes of Kiltullagh, barony of Castlereagh, Kilbride, barony of Ballintober South, Cloonfinlough, Elphin and Kiltrustan, barony of Roscommon, county Roscommon at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Alexander Crichton is listed as the occupier of property in Tanrego West townland, barony of Tireragh, in 1906, including a mansion house. Henry Crichton owned over 180 acres of untenanted land and a house at Ballinvoher, barony of Corran, at the same time. 1,092 acres belonging to Mrs Crichton were conveyed to the Congested Districts Board in October 1906 and a further 1,400+ acres of the Crichton's Roscommon estate was vested in the Board on 19 Mar 1914. Offers from the Board on over 500 acres belonging to H.M.R Crichton, over 100 acres the property of Mrs. Crichton and 1600 acres owned by Alex Crichton in county Sligo were accepted in November 1913
Fowler In the mid 19th century the representatives of Jasper V. Fowler held the townlands of Carrowreagh East and West, parish of Abbeyknockmoy, barony of Tiaquin, county Galway. This property was involved in a case in the Court of Chancery Fowler v Fowler. Undivided shares of Carrowreagh were put up for sale in the Landed Estates' Court by Roger Dodwell in 1867 and 1873 and by James Henry Patrickson, administrator of Edward Jones, in April 1869. In the latter half of the 19th century the Fowler estate amounted to 752 acres.