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Kelly (Tully)


Name Description
Kelly (Tully) The Kellys were living at Tully, parish of Kilmore, barony of Ballintober South, county Roscommon, in the first half of the 19th century. Christopher Kelly advertised for sale over 300 acres in the parish in April 1850. By the time of Griffith's Valuation these lands were in the possession of Christopher Lawder. Richard Kelly still held some land in the parish in the 1850s.
Lawder (Tully) Bryan Lawder, a farmer, was resident at Tully, parish of Elphin in 1749. The Lawder pedigree shows that this branch of the Lawder family were descended from Christopher Lawder of Drumsna who married Priscilla Crozier in 1761. Their grandsons were Christopher Hume Lawder, Horatio Lawder and Alonzo Lawder, all sons of John Lawder of Ashfort. Horatio Lawder, resident at Aghamore House, in Mohill parish, held 92 acres in county Leitrim and 443 acres in county Roscommon in the parish of Kilmore, barony of Ballintober North. The estate of Arthur Auchmuty Lawder, which included part of Aghamore, was advertised for sale in July 1884. Alonzo Lawder was married to a granddaughter of Thomas McDermottroe and lands in the parish of Kiltrustan of which he, his wife and his sisters-in-law were owners, were advertised for sale in January 1852. The purchasers included Messers. Eyre, Johns and Moore. Alonzo Lawder held land in the parishes of Cloonfinlough and Kitrustan, barony of Roscommon at the time of Griffith's Valuation. His land in the parish of Cloonfinlough was advertised for sale by his trustee in April 1864. The Irish Times reports that it was sold to Mr. John Gardiner, in trust for A. Lawder, for £1800. The Irish Times reported in February 1870 that attempts to sell parts of Alonzo Lawder's estate were repeatedly being frustrated and included the intimidation of prospective bidders. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Christopher Lawder was residing at Tully, parish of Kilmore, barony of Ballintober North, which he had purchased from the Kellys. In January 1877 the trustees of his will, John Lauder and James Henry Patrickson, were advertising the sale of Tully. The Irish Times reported that it was sold to Mr. Russell for £7700. George Lawder held some land in Lavagh, parish of Kilglass, in the 1850s. 47 acres of Lavagh held in fee by Thomas Hubback White and Allan White was advertised for sale in 1861. Christopher Hume Lawder who often appears on the sale rentals of the Land Courts as an assignee of insolvents, was First Clerk in the Town Department of the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, Dublin. George Dance Lawder was Second Clerk in the County Department of the same Court. Members of this branch of the Lawder family owned approximately 1,800 acres in county Roscommon in the 1870s. In 1889 Christopher Lawder sold lands at Aughamore in the Land Judges' Court. Following what was referred to by the Irish Times as "smart competition" the purchaser was M.J. O'Farrell, solicitor, in trust for John Rogers. James Lawder lived at Lowfield in the parish of Kilmore in 1749, he was murdered in 1779.