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Moore/O'Moore (Cloonbigny)


Name Description
Moore/O'Moore (Cloonbigny) In 1629 John Moore of Brees, county Mayo, settled his Cloonbigney estate in the parish of Taghmaconnell, barony of Athlone, county Roscommon, on his third son, William. In 1725 Michael Moore of Cloonbigney married Frances Moore, co heiress, with her sister Mary, to their brother Garrett Moore of Brees. Mary was married to Sir Henry Lynch, 5th baronet of Castlecarra. It was not until 1744 that the division of the Moore estate was eventually settled by a decision of the House of Lords in favour of Sir Henry Lynch, who obtained possession of all the Moore estate in county Mayo. The Moores of Cloonbigny got Cloghan Castle in county Offaly. In 1852 the Moores of Cloonbigny advertised for sale in the Encumbered Estates' Court their lands in counties Roscommon (4,000 acres on border with county Galway), Offaly, Mayo (parishes of Balla and Kilcolman) and Clare (723 acres in unions of Ennistymon and Killadysert) amounting to 9456 acres. Their county Roscommon estate was in the parish of Taghmaconnell, barony of Athlone, and by the time of Griffith's Valuation it was in the possession of Fitzstephen French. The townland of Ballygill, in the parish of Ahascragh, county Galway, is recorded in the Ordnance Survey Name books as having been the property of Garret O'Moore. The house, Ballygill Lodge, that it formerly contained, was then in ruins.
French (Errit Lodge) In the mid 19th century the Right Honourable Fitzstephen French of Erritt Lodge, Member of Parliament for county Roscommon and younger brother of the 1st Lord de Freyne, owned an estate in the parish of Taghmaconnell, barony of Athlone, county Roscommon, which he purchased in 1852 from Moore of Cloonbigny. He also held property in the parish of Tibohine, barony of Frenchpark and in the parish of Kiltrustan, barony of Roscommon. In the 1870s the representatives of Fitzstephen French owned 12,270 acres in county Roscommon, 1,224 acres in county Sligo and 79 acres in county Cork. In 1874 over 7000 acres of Fitzstephen French's estate in the barony of Frenchpark, known as "the Bishop's Lands" was offered for sale in the Landed Estates' Court. This land was held on lease from 1863 from Lord de Freyne's estate. In November 1878 lands amounting to 3,817 acres in the baronies of Athlone and Castlereagh were advertised for sale in the Land Judges' Court. The owners and petitioners were Louisa F.C.M. Bridges and Augusta S.F.G. French, the two daughters and co heiresses of Fitzstephen French.
Murphy (Bellfield) At the time of Griffith's Valuation Michael E. Murphy held Gortanabla in the parish of Taghmaconnell, barony of Ballinasloe, county Roscommon, which he presumably purchased from the sale of the Moore of Cloonbigney estate in October 1852.
Hussey (Mounthussey) In 1723 Thomas Hussey of Baltrasney, county Kildare, married Jane Moore of Cloonbigney, county Roscommon, one of the four heiresses of John Moore. The Husseys held property in the parish of Drum by the mid 1730s. In the mid 1740s Andrew Bermingham leased his quarter of the Moore estate to his brother-in-law Thomas Hussey. Thomas Hussey of Moynure died in 1761 and was succeeded by his son John. It was John's daughter Margaret who married Patrick Walsh in 1787.