Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Fenton The Fenton family held land in and around Easky throughtout the 19th century. Various family members acted as agents for owners who travelled elsewhere. McTernan notes that the Sligo family were descended from a family of the same name in county Wicklow. In 1836 George Fenton was acting as agent for William whose address is given as "Lakes of Killarney" in the OS Name Books! Later members of the family entered the medical profession and travelled extensively including to Australia. In 1906 Thomas G. Fenton, M.D., is recorded as the occupier of property at Castletown, including a mansion house.
Fenton (Dromore) Various branches of the Fenton family held estates in the Barony of Tireragh, County Sligo. This branch was centered on the house at Dromore in the village now known as Dromore West. Information in the OS Name Books suggests the house was built c.1786 and purchased by Capt Fenton from Mr. Jones of Fortland, Easky. In June 1864 Thomas Fenton together with John Nesbitt Malleson offered for sale the mansion house and lands at Dromore in the Landed Estates Court. The property was sold to Dr. Alexander Henry for over £3600. In June 1865 James Fenton offered for sale lands at Clooneen, barony of Tireragh. These lands were bought by a Mr. McNamara for over £1500. The Fenton estate was acquired by William Lougheed in the later 19th century.