Landed Estates
NUI Galway




Name Description
Leeson The Leeson family came to own some of the Bermingham estate in county Galway through the marriage of Sir William Edward Leeson of the Rushborough, county Wicklow family and Louisa Sewell. Sir William Leeson, residing at Kingstown, county Dublin, held 190 acres in county Leitrim in the 1870s as well as over 700 acres in counties Galway and estates in Meath, Roscommon and Westmeath. His address in the Landowners survey is given as Caen, France.
Richards (Ballymoe) The Richards family owned an estate in the parishes of Kilcroan and Kilbegnet, barony of Ballymoe and in the parish of Tuam, barony of Dunmore, county Galway, in the mid 19th century. In 1814 the Reverend Solomon Richards married Elizabeth Sewell of Athenry, who was connected to the Beresford and Bermingham families. By the 1870s the representatives of Solomon Richards owned 2,544 acres in the county.
Bermingham/Birmingham Edward Bermingham, Lord Athenry, was granted over 5,000 acres, mainly in the barony of Dunmore, county Galway, by patent dated 16 Sept 1680 while Remigius Bermingham was granted overe 5,200 acres in county Mayo in 1681. There are records relating to the Bermingham family in the late 17th and early 18th century in the Westport Estate Papers. The descendants of Lord Athenry sold the Kilcloony estate to the Bodkins in 1759 and the Barbersfort estate to the Ruttledges in 1816. Thomas Bermingham, 22nd Lord Athenry and a Member of Parliament for county Galway, was created earl of Louth in April 1759. By his second marriage to Margaret Daly of Quansbury he left as his co heiresses three daughters, who married Thomas B.H. Sewell, William St Lawrence, 2nd Earl of Howth and Joseph Henry Blake of Ardfry. By the 1880s the family's main estates were in county Louth where they owned over 3,500 acres.
Drummond George Drummond, Earl of Perth and Duke de Melfort, held land in the parish and barony of Dunmore, county Galway in the mid 1850s. In 1847 he married as his second wife Susan Henrietta, daughter of Thomas Bermingham Daly Henry Sewell of Athenry and his wife Harriet Beresford. The Earl owned 3,439 acres in county Galway in the 1870s.
Sewell Thomas Bermingham Daly Henry Sewell was a son of Elizabeth Bermingham and Thomas Bailey Heath Sewell and grandson of Thomas Bermingham 1st Earl of Louth and Baron Athenry. His claim to the baronetcy of Athenry failed in 1800. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Sewell estate was one of the principal lessors in the parish of Athenry and the representatives of Colonel Sewell also held land in the parishes of Clonbern, barony of Ballymoe and Dunmore, barony of Dunmore. Thomas Sewell's had 4 daughters who married Sir William Edward Leeson (who held 710 acres in county Galway and 230 acres in county Roscommon in the 1870s), General Marcus Beresford (one of their daughters married George Brydges Rodney), George Drummond Earl of Perth and Melfort and the Reverend Solomon Richards, whose representatives held 2,544 acres in county Galway in the 1870s.
Sadleir (Galway) Reverend Ralph Sadleir, rector of Castleknock, county Dublin, is recorded as the owner of over 900 acres in county Galway in the 1870s. He married as his first wife, his cousin Letitia, daughter of the Reverend Francis Sadleir, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. The College owned large tracts of land in the baronies of Ross and Ballynahinch, county Galway and in 1906 the Reverend Ralph Sadlier is recorded as the occupier of 33 acres of untenanted land at Carrick West in the parish of Cong, barony of Ross. He married secondly, Letitia, daughter of Captain Sewell, a family closely connected to the Berminghams, Lord Athenry. [Also in the 1870s William Sadlier, of the The Grange, Fermoy, county Cork, owned 35 acres in county Galway and 225 acres in county Cork. In the 1870s Matilda Anne Sadlier of Fermoy owned 1,763 acres in county Tipperary.]