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McNamara Morgan


Name Description
Morgan (Monksfield) The Morgan family had acquired the Monksfield estate during the 17th century and were Cromwellian settlers of Welsh origin. By patent dated 8 Feb 1667 they were granted lands in the barony of Dunkellin, county Galway, the barony of Erris, county Mayo and in county Clare. In 1824 Charles Morgan is recorded as a resident proprietor in county Galway. The Morgans were obliged, due to indebtedness, to sell the estate in the 1850s. The county Clare portion, 770 acres at Cappagh in the barony of Burren, was advertised in December 1854. The Rev. Henry Morgan was Rector of St. Nicholas' church, Galway at this time.
McNamara Morgan An estate of over 300 acres, the property of Henry McNamara Morgan, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates court in December 1853. It was situated at Lisaniska, parish of Killimor, in the barony of Longford, county Galway. A Henry Morgan, owning over 200 acres in county Galway, was resident at Willmount, Athenry, in the 1870s. Property owned by Henry McNamara Morgan in the barony of Burren, county Clare, was offered for sale in the Land Judges' Court in July 1888. The sale was adjourned to allow private bids to be submitted.
Morgan (Ballymacward) At the time of Griffith's Valuation a house valued at £30 in the townland of Hampstead, parish of Ballymacward, was leased by Ellen Morgan and her sisters to Martin Blake. Over 250 acres of land at Garrymore and Hampstead, barony of Kilconnell, the property of Henry McNamara Morgan, were offered for sale in the Land Judges' court in June 1878 and January 1879. The original lease governing this property was dated 1718 from the Earl of Arran to Richard Warburton. In the 1870s Mrs M Morgan of Wellimount [Willmount], Athenry, Mrs Jane Mahon of Hampstead and Capt Butler of the Navy and Military Club owned over a thousand acres in county Clare. see McNamara Morgan entry