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Browne (Claran)


Name Description
Browne (Claran) There is a memorial to Nicholas Browne of Claran who died in 1714, his wife Cisly and their posterity in Ross Errilly Friary, Headford. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation the Brownes of Claran House, parish of Killursa, barony of Clare, county Galway, held one townland in the parish. In the 1860s they were reputed to have lived at Claran for the previous 262 years. In the 1870s John Browne owned 592 acres in county Galway.
Carter (Annaghkeen) The South Mayo Family Research Society have recorded late 17th century gravestone memorials to members of the Carter family of Annaghkeen in the Church of Ireland cemetery, Headford, county Galway. In the 19th century the Carters owned an estate of about 2000 acres in the parish of Killursa, barony of Clare, county Galway. Almost 400 acres of their estate was leased to Martin Browne of Clerhaun/Claran in 1814 and this portion was advertised for sale in the Landed Estates' Court in 1863 by John Carter Barrett. Willoughby H. Carter was the proprietor for much of the 19th century and in the 1870s owned 1,963 acres in county Galway and 95 acres in Queen's county (Co Laois) while William S. Carter owned 209 acres at Barnaboy. The agent for the estate at the time of the first Ordnance Survey was John Kilkelly of Mossfort.