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Mountbrowne was originally part of the estate of the Brownes of Coolaran and Kilskeagh. By the time of Griffith’s Valuation Mountbrowne was owned in part by John Cullinane. In June 1857 294 acres of the townland was advertised for sale by the trustees of the marriage settlement of Martin Cullinane and his wife Elizabeth. However John Cullinane was recorded as the owner of 294 acres in county Galway in the 1870s. Thomas Cullinane held Derrymaclaughna from James Browne in the 1850s and was also tenant of part of the neighbouring townland of Barnaboy which he held from the Frenches. Samuel Burne’s interest in Derrymaclaughna was offered for sale in December 1854. The Freeman's Journal reports that the property was purchased by Redmond Carroll for £2000. In 1860 and 1866, the French interest in Barnaboy was offered for sale by the trustees of the will of Frances Maria French.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Mount Browne Mountbrowne Abbeyknockmoy Galway Belleville 65 Clare Galway OSI Ref: M479 337
OS Sheet: 71
Discovery map: 46
Derrymaclaughna Derrymaclaugha Athenry Galway Deerpark 67 Clare Galway OSI Ref: M445 376
OS Sheet: 70
Discovery map: 46
Caherhugh Caherhugh Belclare Tuam Claretuam 209 Clare Galway OSI Ref: M386 477
OS Sheet: 43
Discovery map: 46
Cloonacauneen Castle Cloonacauneen Oranmore Galway Carrowbrowne 40 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M343308
OS Sheet: 82
Discovery map: 46

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Contemporary printed sources

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