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Power (Galway)

Richard Power was granted lands in the baronies of Dunkellin and Leitrim in 1677 and James Power was granted over a thousand acres in the barony of Dunkellin in 1680. The representatives of John Power are recorded as lessors of several townlands in the parishes of Kilconierin and Killogilleen, barony of Dunkellin, county Galway in 1855. Robert Power held several townlands in the parish of Kilchreest, barony of Loughrea in 1855. R. Power is also recorded as the proprietor of townlands in the parish of Kilchreest, in the 1830s. According to Patrick Melvin, the Powers never established a permanent base in county Galway and much of their lands were eventually incorporated, through inheritence and marriage, into the Trench (Clancarty) estates. Kelly noted that townlands in the Craughwell area, formerly owned by the Power estate, were bought by Lord Morris in the nineteenth century.

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  • Papers relating to the Poer [Power] family and concerning estates in Cos. Galway and Waterford. (An unsorted collection in the National Library of Ireland). ; National Library of Ireland

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