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Bourke (Bunacrower)

The Earls of Mayo held an estate in the parishes of Kilmainemore and Kilcommon, barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo. The Bourkes were established at Moneycrower or Bunacrower, parish of Kilmainemore from the 16th century. John Bourke was the first to live at Kill, county Kildare in the mid 17th century. In 1781 another John Bourke was created Viscount Mayo of Moneycrower and in 1785 Earl of Mayo. One of his sons, Joseph Deane Bourke, was the Protestant Archbishop of Tuam and 3rd Earl. The Bourkes were absentee landlords and were prominent as statesmen and at the Royal Court in the 19th century. The 6th Earl served as Chief Secretary in Ireland on a number of occasions in the 1850s and 1860s and was assassinated in India in 1872. In 1876 the Earl of Mayo owned 559 acres in county Mayo, 4915 acres in county Kildare and 2360 acres in county Meath. The county Mayo estate was vested in the Congested Districts' Board on 4 March 1915. The seat of the Earls of Mayo was Palmerstown House, Naas, county Kildare.

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Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources