Landed Estates
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Oliver (Cos Galway & Leitrim)

The Oliver family's main estates were in county Limerick but they also held land in Leitrim. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Dudley Oliver [of Cherrymount, county Wicklow], held most of 2 townlands in the parish of Addergoole, barony of Dunmore, county Galway from the See of Tuam. He was descended from the Most Reverend John Ryder, Protestant Archbishop of Tuam in the later 18th century.

No houses were found for this estate

Archival sources

  • Deeds relating to Oliver family property in counties in Leitrim & Limerick, 1750-1890. D.17,449-53. ; National Archives of Ireland
  • Castle Oliver Papers: correspondence & accounts relating to lands in Cork, Kerry, Leitrim & Limerick. Mss.10,930-944. ; National Library of Ireland

Modern printed sources