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Elwood (Roscommon)

The Elwood family settled at Kilkeeran Castle, in the parish of Kilmainebeg, barony of Kilmaine, count Mayo, in the mid 17th century. The Irish Tourist Association File records that "Tradition says the castle was owned by eleven brothers called Elwood who were drowned while crossing a lake which was beside their home, a piper who was also in the boat was saved". The senior branch of the family settled in county Roscommon in the 18th century although they retained ownership of Kilkeeran and Knockroe, of which they were proprietors at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Captain Robinson of Boyle, county Roscommon was their agent in the 1830s. In the 1870s the Elwood family held 500 acres in county Roscommon.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballymore Ballymore East or Corbally Boyle Boyle Rushfield 37 Boyle Roscommon OSI Ref: M787990
OS Sheet: 9, 10
Discovery map: 33
Knockadoo Knockadoo Boyle Boyle Tivannagh 38 Boyle Roscommon OSI Ref: G764004
OS Sheet: 5
Discovery map: 33

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources