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This family descend from Sir Richard Shee of Uppercourt, county Kilkenny and Cloran, county Tipperary, agent to the Earl of Ormonde. Sir Richard died in 1608. Richard Shee of Cloran married Elizabeth Grace of Gracefield, county Tipperary and died in 1743. His son Edmond sold Cloran and died in 1785. Edmond's sister Catherine married John Wright and it was their children who became the representatives of the Shees of Cloran in the 19th century. The townlands of Cloran Old and New, parish of Cloneen, barony of Middlethird, were in the possession of the Earl of Clare at the time of Griffith's Valuation.

No houses were found for this estate

Archival sources

  • Pedigree of O'Shee of Drangan, Cloghrane and Clone O'Shee in Co. Tipperary, of Kilkenny, of Camus Co. Limerick, and of Landrecies, France, of Clonmore, Co. Kilkenny and of Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Barts., 1582 -- 1825. Genealogical Office: Ms.112, pp.84-7 ; National Library of Ireland
  • Copy of grant of arms to John Wright of Compsey Cottage, son of John Wright of Cloneen by Catherine, daughter of Richard Shee of Cloran, all in Co. Tipperary with pedigree of Shee of Upper Court, Co. Kilkenny and Cloran, Co. Tipperary, Jan. 20, 1833. Genealogical Office: Ms.107, pp.75-6 ; National Library of Ireland

Modern printed sources