Landed Estates
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Documents in the Grehan Collection record land transactions in the baronies of Carbery East, Fermoy,West Muskerrry and Kinalea between the Edward and James Peed and members of the Foot, Hoare, Bernard, White, Honner, Roche and other families from the 1770s. James Peed married Olivia Foot in 1775. In the 1870s James Peed of county Waterford owned 753 acres in county Cork.

Associated Families

No houses were found for this estate

Archival sources

  • Grehan Family Papers 1779-1975, BL/EP/G/ ; University College Cork, Boole Library Archives
  • Assignment from James Peed to John Costley of judgment of £3,000 against Edward Whitton, June 10, 1793. D. 18,720 ; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources