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The Bagwell Purefoys descend from Edward Bagwell, a grandson of John Bagwell of Marlfield, Clonmel, county Tipperary. In 1847, Edward Bagwell assumed the additional name of Purefoy on succeeding to the estate of Colonel William Purefoy of Greenfield who died in December 1846. A Captain Arthur Purefoy was granted an estate of over 2,500 acres in the barony of Kilnamanagh in 1667. William Holmes was agent on this estate between 1847-1852. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Edward Bagwell held at least fourteen townlands in the parish of Donohill and four townlands in the parish of Aghacrew, barony of Kilnamanagh Lower. In 1854, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Bagwell married Isabella Petronella, daughter of Major Langley of Brittas Castle, county Tipperary. In the 1870s Colonel Bagwell Purefoy owned 7,607 acres in county Tipperary.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Greenfield Greenfield Donohill Tipperary Donohill 152 Kilnamanagh Lower Tipperary OSI Ref: R893 456
OS Sheet: 51
Discovery map: 66

Archival sources

  • Copy of royal licence to Edward Bagwell of Marlfield, Co. Tipperary, to take the name Purefoy in addition to and after that of Bagwell and bear the arms of Purefoy, April 5, 1847. Genealogical Office: Ms.152, pp.38-41 ; National Library of Ireland
  • S. Gordon & Son, solicitor's collection, includes papers relating to estates in Co. Tipperary and property in Cashel of the Purefoy family, 1695-1879. Associated names, Purefoy-Poe, Ryan and Pennefather. Small Accs. Index 103, D. 17,562-96; M. 2085-9 ; National Archives of Ireland
  • Copy of grant of arms, being Purefoy quartering Bagwell to Edward Bagwell of Marlfield, Co. Tipperary on his assuming under Royal Licence and in conformity with the will of William Purefoy, late of Greenfield, Co. Tipperary, the name and arms of Purefoy, April 23, 1847. Genealogical Office: Ms.107, pp.364-5 ; National Library of Ireland
  • Lease by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Bagwell Purefoy, Greenfields, Co. Tipperary to Peter Graham, upholsterer, and George Grant, linen draper, Oxford St., London of mining rights for the lands of Foilmacduff and Lackinacreenagh, par. Donohill, bar. Kilnamanagh Lower, Co. Tipperary, 17 Oct. 1866. 999/264/3 Map endorsed.; National Archives of Ireland
  • History of the Bagwell family by Harriette Bagwell. Ms 32,617; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

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