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By the end of the 17th century the Chadwick family was established at Ballinard, county Tipperary. In 1738 Richard Chadwick of Ballinard married, as his first wife, Rebecca Ellard. In 1799 John Craven Chadwick married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Cooper of Killenure Castle, county Tipperary. They had seven sons and four daughters. The eldest son, William, had three daughters and when he died in 1876 he was succeeded by his son-in-law, Richard Austin Cooper, who assumed the additional name of Chadwick. At the time of Griffith's Valuation, William Chadwick held land in the parishes of Shronell and Solloghodmore, barony of Clanwilliam and Donohill, barony of Kilnamanagh Lower, while Mrs Anne Chadwick held land in the parish of Shronel. The representatives of Richard Chadwick held property in the parish of Cullen. In the 1870s William's grandson, William Cooper Chadwick, owned 882 acres in county Tipperary. In November 1882 the estate of Thomas Dowling at Clonbrick and Cotifiagh, barony of Clanwilliam, was advertised for sale. Richard Cooper Chadwick was the tenant. This property was finally sold in the Land Judges' Court in January 1886 to David Clarke, a silk manufacturer from Macclesfield, Cheshire. The estate of Eliza and Annie Kennedy, at Bishopsland, in the barony of Middlethird, was also offered for sale in 1886. The tenant was J.J. Chadwick. The court proceedings indicated that Mr. Chadwick was interested in purchasing the property.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Noan Noan Graystown Cashel Graystown 47 Slievardagh Tipperary OSI Ref: S166 454
OS Sheet: 54
Discovery map: 66
Ballinard Ballinard Shronell Tipperary Shronell 160 Clanwilliam Tipperary OSI Ref: R828 374
OS Sheet: 58
Discovery map: 66
Damerville Ballyconry Shronell Tipperary Shronell 160 Clanwilliam Tipperary OSI Ref: R825 354
OS Sheet: 66
Discovery map: 66
Camus Camus St Patricksrock Cashel Cashel Rural Middlethird Tipperary OSI Ref: S047 427
OS Sheet: 60
Discovery map: 66

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources