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Pearse (Limerick)

The Pearse family held land in the vicinity of Limerick city during the 18th century and were closely associated with the Brown family.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ross Ross O'Brienbridge Limerick O'Briens Bridge 111 Tulla Lower Clare OSI Ref: R669 692
OS Sheet: 45
Discovery map: 58

Archival sources

  • Map of estate of Samuel Pearce in parish of Stradbally, Co Limerick, Apr 1743. 16 H 32(11); National Library of Ireland
  • Brown Papers: Brown correspondence, also counsels’ opinion re will of Samuel Pearse of Limerick & documents re Chancery case Maunsell v Hunt re property in Co Limerick, 1768-1882. MS 8839; National Library of Ireland
  • Brown Papers: Legal documents re estates of the Brown & related families of Pearse, Westropp & Rolleston in Cos Limerick & Tipperary, 18th & 19th centuries. MS 8993; National Library of Ireland
  • 49 deeds re property of families of Browne & Pearce in Limerick city, c 1700-1795. D 13,144-13,192; National Library of Ireland
  • Papers relating to the Pearce or Pearse family of Limerick, early 18th century. Co. 2412-2415, D.11,703-11,715, M.983x-1008; National Archives of Ireland
  • Brown Collection, deeds relating to property in Limerick city, re members of the Greene, Cooke, Fletcher and Pearce families, mainly late 17th century. D.13,128-13,143; National Library of Ireland
  • Brown Collection, includes deeds re the Pearse & Evans families & the lands of Kilcrodane, Co Limerick, 1676-1839. D 11,230-11,285; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources