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Russell (Mount Russell & Glanmore)

In the late 18th century the Russells held an estate on both sides of the Limerick and Cork county border and had residences at Mount Russell, Kilmallock, county Limerick and Ballinaboulia (Glanmore), Charleville, county Cork. Michael Russell and his wife Deborah Sarsfield had a son Patrick who, in 1804, married Theresa Morrogh. Their son, James Russell of Mount Russell, married Maria, daughter of Pierce Shannon of Limerick, and had six sons and five daughters. The county Limerick estate of the Russells was in the parishes of Effin and Ballingaddy, barony of Coshlea and Mahoonagh, barony of Glenquin and their county Cork estate was in the parish of Ballyhay, barony of Fermoy. In July 1853 over 2,000 acres in the barony of Costlea, the estate of James Russell, was advertised for sale. Mount Russell was held on a lease from Chidley Coote to Michael Russell dated 1797. The Irish Tourist Association survey of the 1940s states that the property at Ballynaboola was part of a grant of land to Sir Henry Tynte in 1666 and that his descendants lived there until the end of the eighteenth century. Michael Russell of Glanmore married Marianne Clanchy and had two sons and two daughters. In the 1870s Patrick Russell owned 1,241 acres in county Limerick and his brother, Michael Russell of Glenmore, owned 450 acres in county Cork. Michael Russell and his wife Deborah also had a daughter Catherine who married Garret Maume and the estate of their sons, Garrett and Richard Russell Maume, 419 acres at Ballinoe in the barony of Upper Connello, was advertised for sale in April 1853.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Mount Russell Mountrussell Ballingaddy Kilmallock Ballymacshaneboy 41 Coshlea Limerick OSI Ref: R612 201
OS Sheet: 55
Discovery map: 73
Glanmore Ballynaboola West Ballyhay Mallow Ardskeagh 185 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: R566 185
OS Sheet: 8
Discovery map: 73