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Gabbett (Mountrivers)

Wyndham Gabbett was a grandson of Daniel Gabbett of The Strand, county Limerick. In 1867 he married Fanny Phillips of Mount Rivers. On the 13 January 1874 the estate of Wyndham Gabbett of Mount Rivers, county Tipperary was advertised for sale. The total acreage amounted to 2,200 acres in counties Tipperary and Limerick, most of the land was located in the barony of Owney and Arra, county Tipperary and included Mount Rivers house. Windham Gabbett of Mount Rivers, Newport, county Tipperary, owned 1,066 acres in county Clare, 341 acres in county Limerick and 103 acres in county Tipperary.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Mount Rivers Mountrivers Kilvellane Nenagh Newport 96 Owney and Arra Tipperary OSI Ref: R720 603
OS Sheet: 37
Discovery map: 59