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O'Brien (Glencolumbkille)

A branch of the O'Briens who lived at Glencolumkille, parish of Carran, barony of Burren, county Clare, where they held a small estate from John Kirwan [barrister of Dublin] and then from John Stratford Kirwan in the 19th century. In 1865 the Kirwan's county Clare estate was advertised for sale including Glencolumkille. In March 1884 the estate of Turlough Butler O'Bryen at Glencolumkille South, amounting to 396 acres was advertised for sale. It was held on a fee farm grant from Charles William White to Mortagh O'Brien dated 1875. In June 1887 over 300 acres at Glencolumbkille South, barony of Burren, county Clare were offered for sale in the Land Judges' Court by William Griffith and Edward C. Standford. The petitioner was A.D. O'Bryen. Due to absence of bidding the sale was adjourned. The property was offered again in March 1889 with the same result but the judge gave leave for private bids to be accepted. A book has been written about Turlough Butler O'Bryen entitled ''The Bee Man of County Clare: Turlough Butler O'Bryen, 1853-1928'' by James K. Watson (1995). The Irish Tourist Association file refers to the house still being occupied by a descendant of Turlough O'Brien in the 1940s.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Glencolumbkille House Glencolumbkille South Carran Ballyvaghan Carran 2 Burren Clare OSI Ref: R316 995
OS Sheet: 10
Discovery map: 51

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Contemporary printed sources

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