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Stacpoole (Eden Vale)

The Stacpooles were a county Limerick Catholic family. Clement Stacpoole was transplanted to county Clare in 1651. William Stacpoole, his second son, acquired a lease of Annagh, parish of Kilmurry, barony of Ibrickan, from the Earl of Thomond and his branch of the family settled there. He became a Protestant in the early 18th century. In 1777 his grandson William Stacpoole purchased Eden Vale, parish of Killone, barony of Islands, from Mr Justice Patterson for £800 and an annual rent of £100. It remained in Stacpoole possession until 1926. Although the Stacpooles lived at Eden Vale, most of their estate was in the barony of Ibrickan in West Clare. In the 1870s Richard Stacpoole of Eden Vale owned 7,381 acres and was agent for over 22,000 acres in counties Clare and Carlow. He died in 1891. His widow Alice occupied the house in 1906, when it was valued at £50. Their son, Richard John Stacpoole, was the last to reside at Eden Vale. The house was sold in 1926 to Clare County Council for use as sanatorium for £9,500 and the Stacpooles bought a property near Cheltenham. In 1986 Eden Vale was sold by the Mid Western Health Board and is now in private hands.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Knocknagore Carrowmore South Killard Kilrush Knocknagore 91 Ibrickan Clare OSI Ref: Q927 627
OS Sheet: 46
Discovery map: 57
Annagh Annagh Kilmurry Kilrush Kilmurry 85 Ibrickan Clare OSI Ref: R043 766
OS Sheet: 30
Discovery map: 57
Berry Lodge Annagh Kilmurry Kilrush Kilmurry 85 Ibrickan Clare OSI Ref: R036 764
OS Sheet: 30
Discovery map: 57
Eden Vale Edenvale Killone Ennis Clareabbey 31 Islands Clare OSI Ref: R322 746
OS Sheet: 41
Discovery map: 58

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Contemporary printed sources

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