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Daly (Dalystown)

In 1814 the Rt. Hon Denis Bowes Daly was the owner of the Dalystown estate, the son of Hyacinth Daly and Rose Daly. He had a long career in politics, representing both county Galway and Galway Borough as well as King's County (Offaly). He married Charlotte Ponsoby in 1780 but she died a year later. Melvin writes that when Denis Bowes Daly died in 1821 the Masonbrook part of his estates was placed in the hands of trustees to settle his debts. In 1834 it was sold by the Court of Chancery to James Smyth of Loughrea for £12,100.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Dalystown/Dalyston Dalystown Demesne Leitrim Loughrea Leitrim 139 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M665110
OS Sheet: 116
Discovery map: 52
Mount Pleasant (Loughrea) Mountpleasant Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea Galway OSI Ref: M625161
OS Sheet: 105
Discovery map: 52

Archival sources

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  • Dalyston. Photographs & Press Cuttings. 022/038.; Irish Architectural Archive

Contemporary printed sources

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