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NUI Galway
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GALLAGHER, Mary & HOURIGAN, Tommy (eds). ''Grange: past and present''. (Grange, county Limerick: Grange Cross Residents' Association, 2015).

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pp.297, 307-317. De Salis This family, of Swiss origin, settled in England at the beginning of the 18th century. In 1735 Jero...
pp.371-374. Croker (The Grange) Edward Croker, son of the Reverend Robert Croker of the Ballynagarde family and his wife Margaret O'...
pp.371-374. O'Grady/Grady (The Grange) The O'Gradys of The Grange, parish of Fedamore, county Limerick, were a branch of O'Gradys of Kilbal...