Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Massbrook Lower
Civil Parish Addergoole
PLU Castlebar
DED Addergoole 70
County Mayo
Barony Tirawley
Description The Irish Tourist Association file makes it clear that there were two houses at Massbrook, both in good condition in the 1940s. One was of French design erected in the 1890s by Colonel Johnston, the then owner of the estate. There was also an older and smaller house, see under Woodpark. D.15166 in the National Archives refers to the house and demesne of Massbrook in 1868. Described by Bence Jones as a late Victorian house, the seat of the Walsh family. In the early 1990s Mrs Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, purchased the house known as Massbrook, formerly owned by Denis Ferranti.

Property Location