Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Fort Henry

Townland Garrynatineel
Civil Parish Templeachally
PLU Nenagh
DED Ballina 97
County Tipperary
Barony Owney and Arra
Description Fort Henry, overlooking the Shannon River, was the residence of Stephen Hastings in 1814 and of Finch White in 1837. Earlier, in 1786, Wilson had also noted it as a Hastings residence. At the time of Griffiths Valuation, Finch White held the house from Stephen H. Atkins. It was valued at £28.15s. Finch White was related to the Atkins through marriage with a member of the Gelston family. In 1906 this house was in the possession of Frederick C.Henry. In 1840, however, the Ordnance Survey Name Books had also noted that J.J. Henry was the proprietor. It is still extant. In 2018 it was offered for sale.
Fort Henry (

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