Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Landsdown
Civil Parish Castletownarra
PLU Nenagh
DED Castletown 99
County Tipperary
Barony Owney and Arra
Description In 1786 Wilson refers to "Land's-town" as the seat of Mr. Rolleston. The home of W. Parker in 1814 and of Mrs Parker in 1837. In 1840 the Ordnance Survey Name Books refer to "Landstown, a good dwelling house, the residence of William Parker". He was also the occupant in the mid 19th century when the house was valued at £55+ and held in fee. John Parker of Brookfield and Landsdown married Helena, daughter of George Washington Biggs of Bellevue. The Parkers were still resident in the 1870s. Bassett's Directory of 1889 refers to Charles E. Tuthill of Landsdown. In the 20th century the home of the White Spunner family. This house, built in 1779, was for sale in 1991 (see ''Country Life'' Volume 185). It is still extant.
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