Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Kilmoyler
Civil Parish Killardry
PLU Tipperary
DED Killadriffe 148
County Tipperary
Barony Clanwilliam
Description A late 18th century house, the seat of the O'Meagher family, occupied by Dennis O'Meagher in 1814 and 1837 and by Stephen O'Meagher at the time of Griffith's Valuatiton. He held the property in fee and the buildings were valued at £40. In 1865 this property was advertised for sale by the Prestons. The rental records that the house was held on a lease dated 1860 from William O'Meagher to Standish Butler who was resident at the time. In 1786 Wilson had recorded "the castle and house at Kilmoyler, the ancient seat of Colonel Butler". Still extant and occupied.
Kilmoyler (

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