Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Glenbeg House (Lismore)

Townland Glenbeg
Civil Parish Lismore & Mocollop
PLU Lismore
DED Castlerichard 55
County Waterford
Barony Coshmore & Coshbride
Description In 1851 Glenbeg House was owned by Thomas Foley but was vacant. It was valued at £23 10s at that time. In 1837 Lewis refers to it as the seat of G. Bennett Jackson. The original house dates from the mid-sveenteenth century though it was renovated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Smith, writing in 1774, refers to it as the seat of Mr. John Jackson. Sadleir, referring to Rowland Jackson in 1775, notes that he was "of Glanbeg". Brady notes that the Jacksons were employed by the first Earl of Cork in the early seventeenth century. Described as "an ordinary farmhouse" in the ITA Survey in 1942. It is still extant and occupied.
Glen Beg House (

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