Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Newmarket House

Townland Demesne
Civil Parish Clonfert
PLU Kanturk
DED Newmarket 183
County Cork
Barony Duhallow
Description Smith refers to the "stately house of Boyle Aldworth" on the south east side of the town in 1750. Lewis refers to Mr Aldworth's lodge in Newmarket. Newmarket was the seat of the Aldworth family held by Richard O. Aldworth in fee and valued at £56 in the mid 19th century. Valued at the same amount in 1906 it was the home of Major Richard Aldworth. In 1943 the Irish Tourist Association Survey mentions that the family went to live in England during the Anglo-Irish war and that the house was occupied by Crown forces and later by the Free State Army. According to the survey it was bought by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1927. Newmarket House is still extant and now known as the James O'Keeffe Memorial Centre.
Newmarket House (

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