Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Parteen
Civil Parish St Patricks
PLU Limerick
DED Ballyglass 113
County Clare
Barony Bunratty Lower
Description The original lease of this property was dated 26 September 1712 from the Earl of Thomond to Henry Widenham. The house was built in 1767 by George Quin, son of Valentine Quin and his wife Mary Widenham. Wilson refers to it as the seat of Mr. Quin in 1786. It was the residence of his grandson, Lord George Quin, in 1814. In 1837 Lewis records Quinsborough as the home of Martin Honan, who was elected Lord Mayor of Limerick in 1841. By the mid 19th century Quinsborough was the home of Anne Maria Honan. It was valued at £42 and held in fee. Advertised for sale with 187 acres in November 1868 by Martin Honan Bourke. Modernized in the early 20th century, some of the house contents were auctioned in the [1940s] on the instructions of S.J.K. Roycroft, a director of the Limerick Steamship Company. The house was the residence of the McGoverns in the 1980s. It is still extant.

Property Location